Loving the Body You’re In

10 September 1597 times Blog

“You should loose some weight!” “How do you expect to find a man without any ass or hips or breasts?” “Team light skin over dark skin”. These are the comments I am sure almost every woman has had thrown her way at one point or another. No matter what your body shape or size, someone, somewhere is constantly telling you and your body is not good enough.

A 5 Step Guide to Releasing Your Inner Wonder Woman

15 July 1284 times Blog

You cannot police me. Get off my areola! Those are the words of Janelle Monae’s latest song- Yoga. Sadly these lyrics ring true for many; we find ourselves in societies where our bodies, personalities and life choices are constantly being policed and scrutinised by others. More often than not, we fail to live up to society’s expectations, which eventually tears down our confidence, leaving us with low esteem. This article is going to focus on how we can build ourselves up and in doing so build our confidence. too.


15 April 1414 times Blog

1. Red Carpet bra - So you found the perfect dress it's strapless, backless and has a bit of a low neck line, you love everything about it! The only thing you are not too sure about is what bra you will wear with it? Your regular strapless bra is not a good fit because it would be visible from the back. So then what do you wear?

A Woman's Guide To "Me" Time

01 October 1439 times Blog

Today's woman, we are told has it all. From careers, families, kids, community activities, and everything in between, today's woman can have what she wants. However, in as much as women today have greater opportunities, our assigned gender roles have not really changed, and all too often, this leaves us with no time left to doing things for ourselves.

Uncover Your Joy

18 September 1364 times Blog

I believe life is about joy, feeling it, seeing it, allowing it in your every day of life. Joy is more than happiness, it goes beyond the mind, it touches your heart, spirit and center of self. So how do you Uncover your joy? Here are 5 tips on how to do so:

The Perfect Fit

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19 May 1578 times Blog

The perfect fit, for your big day, big night and the day after the night before! So, your heart is pounding in alternations of drum-rolls and chocolates. Your big day is fast approaching; you have the man, the dress, the bridesmaids, the flowers' but no underwear!