A 5 Step Guide to Releasing Your Inner Wonder Woman

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15 July Tanya Alvis

You cannot police me. Get off my areola! Those are the words of Janelle Monae’s latest song- Yoga. Sadly these lyrics ring true for many; we find ourselves in societies where our bodies, personalities and life choices are constantly being policed and scrutinised by others. More often than not, we fail to live up to society’s expectations, which eventually tears down our confidence, leaving us with low esteem. This article is going to focus on how we can build ourselves up and in doing so build our confidence. too.

1. Focus on the positives

It’s true, none of us are perfect, and we all have our flaws. In as much as that I true, each one of us also have endless positive attributes. Having a clear understanding of your personal attributes that enable and empower your success, gives you an opportunity to play to your strong side and more easily manage your weaknesses. By focusing on the positive and letting go of the negatives, you are taking a major step in building up your confidence.  So grab a pen and paper and start writing! Stick up your list in your room or bathroom so you constantly remind yourself about the amazing stuff you can do on a daily basis.

Keep calm stay positive

 2. Get Healthy

Notice the emphasis on getting HEALTHY not on losing weight! A daily exercise routine and clean eating will result in the release of endorphins or happy hormones and a better state of mind. When we feel happier, we smile more, which also builds up our confidence. Regular exercise helps you feel stronger and more toned, which also means your clothes will fit better, which makes you look better, thus helping to build up your confidence.

Healthy is happy

3. Love yourself

We are often our worst own critics. Until we acknowledge our own self-worth and value, we will continue to be susceptible to negative perceptions of ourselves by others. Treat yourself every week or every month; it could be that pair of shoes or that lingerie set you saw at the mall. Do something that makes YOU feel good and this positivity will reverberate into all other aspects of your life.

Love the skin your in

4. Turn Failure into Success

Personal growth and development is the key to long term confidence and the success that comes with that. Face up to your weaknesses and turn failures into lessons. To err is human, all we can do is reflect, learn and move on. Marshall Goldsmith, author of What You Got Here Won’t Get You There supports this and argues that by “being able to live with failure and learn from it”, you are able to build self-confidence.


5.Be your own cheerleader

Use your imagination to boost your confidence. Experts believe that having solid mental practices and positive visualisations can lead to greater feelings of self-assurance and preps your brain for a successful outcome. Every morning, look in the mirror as you are brushing your teeth and say – I AM GREAT! Because at the end of the day you are!