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We know how important it is for you to have a variety of underwear and that high quality is a matter of fact when it comes to any product you purchase. The range of underwear that we stock caters to all these needs and more.

Be it a G string, bikini, hipster, seamless, diamante adorned or briefs underwear, we stock it. Both in sets and singles, with accompanying tops, vests or bras. Bumper packs of fours are also available in majority of the underwear styles.

Our wide variety of panties include the famous G-string this is a panty with little coverage on your behind. With this little number confidence is key and encouraged.

And then there's the bikini cut panty that has a semi high cut leg but semi to full coverage on your behind. 

We also stock the hipster panty which is extremely comfortable, it is sometimes known as "boy shorts". It has a longer leg area. This is the perfect panty to get for those hip, hugging jeans or low-waist pants.

Have you ever worn and outfit and then turned round to check in the mirror if your panty line was visible and to your dismay it was. Well our seamless panty is the cure for that. No longer do you have to put off wearing an outfit because of your underwear. Some of our seamless panties have matching bras so keep an eye for the sets.

Our jewel designer panties, many adorned with diamante is one of our very funky and edgy range of panties. It has a number of great embellishments in various colours and shapes from diagonal lines to bird shapes, glittering skulls to shiny red apples. We also stock this in a number of ranges from the briefs to the G-strings.

And lets not forget the briefs this is a panty that offers great support and full coverage, it is a very practical and easy to wear. We offer a great assortment of colours and styles to pick from. If you are on the look-out for high rise panties, you can also find them in our briefs section.

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